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Everything you need, all in one place

From webinar registration and website to webinar hosting and insights, Cvent Webinar does it all.

  • Choose from a simple, pre-built registration form, or a fully custom one
  • Customize an existing conversion-optimized template or build a fully custom website with our intuitive drag and drop designer
  • Pick from several delivery options like one-way live, two-way live or simulive
  • Leverage a multitude of built-in engagement and connectivity options

An engaged and connected audience

With Cvent Webinar you’ll never run out of ways to keep your audience attentive and entertained.

  • Activate all or any of the in-session engagement tools like chat (with emojis), polling, Q&A with upvoting, hand-raising, and feedback surveys
  • Create a community for your attendees with networking tools like 1:1 chat, speed networking, and topic-based roundtable discussions
  • Keep the engagement going after the webinar ends with on-demand viewing

Real-time actionable data

Know in real time how your webinar is performing before, during, and after it launches. Keep a pulse on attendee sentiment with built-in feedback surveys.

  • Quick access to high-level performance indicators like registration volume, attendance, attendance duration, and feedback from surveys 

  • Opt for access to more detailed and custom reporting with our higher tier packages 

  • Have the knowledge you need to optimize your current webinar and the foresight to optimize your future ones 

Service levels to support any user

Whether you’re a team of one looking to do it all, or a user with complex needs and requirements, we offer different tiers of Cvent Webinar support to meet you where you are. 

  • Webinar Free and Pro are completely DIY solutions with in-app help tools, tips, videos, articles, chat support, and more 

  • With Webinar Plus you get a hybrid approach with 24/7 online and phone support and an assigned success team to help you meet your goals 

  • For an even more hands-off approach, add Professional Services to Webinar Plus and have a team of webinar experience experts build your webinar for you 

Broadcast quality production with Webinar Plus

  • Wow your attendees with 1080p broadcast-quality video 
  • Show off your brand with custom graphics and lower thirds 
  • Pre-build each segment of your webinar for a smooth and stress-free experience during the live webinar 
  • Invite speakers with a simple link and get them prepared in a virtual greenroom

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