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Army Jeep Sales

Willys Jeeps for Sale

Jeep Grill and LightsThe Jeep is an iconic part of American history. The original Jeep was designed for the U.S. Army by American Bantam in 1940, but with the company facing bankruptcy, the plans were soon given to another automotive company: Willys-Overland. Until Chrysler took over in 1987, both civilian and military Jeeps were produced by Willys.

Whether you are looking for a military or civilian Willys Jeep, you have two basic options: eBay and enthusiast sites. Let’s take a look at each in more detail.


eBay is useful for finding a specific vehicle for sale online, and this is equally true for Willys Jeeps. Buyers can usually order vehicle inspections, and most vehicles can be shipped right to your door. eBay also offers PayPal, a standardized payment system that is highly secure, so you don’t have to worry about fraud.

However, large websites like eBay have their disadvantages. Most of the Jeeps on eBay are the modern Chrysler versions; there are usually only a handful of Willys Jeeps on the website, and many are in poor shape.

Enthusiast Sites:

Smaller websites like and often have many more Willys Jeeps for sale than the bigger websites, and most are in better condition. These sites are run by Jeep enthusiasts, so the quality of the listings will be more tailored to the collector. However, most do not offer standardized payment options, so there is a trade off in that department.

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