Army Jeep Sales

Army Jeep Sales

WWII Jeeps for Sale

Jeep AirfieldThe original Jeep was designed by Willys-Overland For the war in 1940. In an astonishing 47 days the original prototype was built to meet the demand from the United States military. Eventually, mass production became a problem which led to Ford receiving the contract from the government to further produce the Jeep with Willys-Overland's engine.

There are many ways to find a a beatuiful restored or original condition Jeep:

  • is the leading site for WWII transport vehicles in the United Kingdom. They are avid promoters of the Beltring Show which is a perfect event for all your WWII Jeep needs.
  • provides every part you need to fully restore your WWII Jeep. Links on the site offer sales on restored Jeeps as well. 
  • is similar to eBay for WWII jeeps and is known for connecting the world for your one stop shop in WWI jeep needs.


WWII Jeeps have a strong following that rivals any collector of vehicles world wide. Although the origin of the Jeep name is still highly debated to this day, one thing is for sure, the enthusiasts will never run out of reasons to continue to honor the Jeep name throughout history.

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