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Military TrailerThere’s no doubt that the jeep was the work horse for the military during the war years. The military trailer is somewhat overshadowed by the jeep, but they played an important role in increasing cargo capacity and for hauling weapons and specialized equipment.

Almost all of the tactical vehicles were equipped with trailer electrical receptors and a standard towing pintle. Almost all military trailers had a inter vehicle cable and standard lunette ring that would mate with towing vehicles in its weight class. Willys-Overland manufactured the MB-T and American Bantam manufactured the T3, which were used with ¼ ton Willys. The K-38 was a telephone cable splicer, which attached to a ¼ ton Willys. The M-100 was used with M38 and M38A1 ¼ ton jeeps and the M-416 was paired with the M-151 ¼ ton jeep.

Military trailers were also made for light and medium weight trucks. The G518 is a 1 ton cargo trailer and the M-101 is a ¾ ton trailer used with M-37 and larger trucks. The M-102 Chassis trailer is a 1-1/2 ton 2 wheel model with a cover and the M-105 is a 1-1/2 ton 2 wheel cargo trailer. Let’s not forget the water trailers like the M-106, M-107 and M-149 nicknamed the “Water Buffalo.” Tank trailers, ammunition trailers, semitrailers and track laying trailers all helped the army maintain mobility during the war and they quietly continue to perform effectively.

photo by jacksnell


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