Army Jeep Sales

Army Jeep Sales

Military Surplus Vehicles

Military Surplus VehiclesWhen looking for old surplus Army Jeeps or any other military surplus vehicles you will find no shortage of options. During World War 2 both Willys-Overland and Ford were contracted to produce jeeps to help in the war effort. Between both companies over 640,000 Jeeps were produced. Although commonly referred to as "Army Jeeps" hey were used by just about every branch of the United States Military for many different purposes. Some were outfitted as fire engine pumpers, field ambulances and sometimes even outfitted to run on train tracks.

With the popularity of the Army Jeep after the war Jeep started producing a CJ model, the acronym standing for Civilian Jeep in 1945 following the end of World War Two. To this day new production model Jeeps still show their roots in looking very similar to the original Army Jeep. One of the most popular vehicles with collectors is the M715 1.25 ton truck. This Army Jeep was introduced by Jeep and built by Kaiser in 1965 and saw lots of use throughout the Vietnam war. They are still in use today and it is even produced by Kia as a new model vehicle. With the popularity of Jeep after the war.

Although you can buy a new Jeep off the showroom floor many people want to own a rugged piece of history themselves. The most common ways to acquire one of them for yourself is auctions:

  • Army Jeeps are frequently auctioned off on government auction sites for a good price
  • Another place to look is your local fire department, many "brush trucks" are being retired and sold off
  • Although usually more expensive, popular auction sites like eBay commonly have restored Army Jeeps
The Jeep is surely an American icon although some people don't even realize it's roots, first used as a sole military all terrain vehicle. The Jeep following has come a long way and many are looking to own their own piece of the Jeep family history starting with the original Army Jeep.
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