Army Jeep Sales

Army Jeep Sales

Military Jeeps for Sale

Jeep RearAs a an icon of the first half of the 20th century, the Jeep has surpassed most other military vehicles in terms of recognizably. The Jeep was produced in massive numbers for World War II and remained a mainstay of most armed forces until the development of the HMMWV in the 1980's. Jeeps were well suited for the military mission they were given. They were simple, robust and versatile vehicles that could carry anything, go anywhere, and do anything asked of them.

Unfortunately, the days of the "Jeep new in a crate" found at the military surplus sale is long over. Most were bought by civilians immediately after World War II when Jeeps were dumped on the surplus market. Today, the easiest way to own a true military Jeep is to look at numerous military vehicle collector sites online. Some good sites are:

There is the possibility, however remote, that the lucky individual might find one by combing junkyards and other places. Jeeps found in this manner are usually diamonds in the rough.

The choice one faces in the end is whether to buy a restored Jeep from a collector, or find one outside of the normal collector environment and perform the restoration. At any rate, there are a large number of places online where one can find fully restored Jeeps or replacement parts. The choice is up to the individual owner.


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