Army Jeep Sales

Army Jeep Sales

Jeep Collectibles

Jeep Collectibles

Toy Jeep Collectible

Looking to add to your collection of Jeep memorabilia? Or are you a history buff that wants to get some of those old Army Jeep items for your collection of World War II items? Or even someone who wants to see how much their own Jeep collectibles are worth?

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Vintage Toy Jeeps

Vintage Toy JeepFor vintage jeep fans, there are vintage toy and model jeeps available from decades of manufacturing. These toys became popular in the post WWII and cold war eras, when military fascination was at its peak.

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Radio Controlled Jeeps

RC JeepRadio control (RC) technology has been available since 1893 when Nikola Tesla (an inventor and mechanical and electrical engineer) demonstrated the first remote controlled boat.

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Jeep Action Figures

Jeep Action FiguresThe first boys action figure ever created was the G.I. Joe in 1964 by Hasbro. These military combat based figurines were an instant hit, opening up an entirely new territory for the toy market.

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Jeep Models & Kits

Jeep ModelsWhile there are many toy jeeps available on the market, some collectible and some for playing, there will always be models simply made to be admired. These models vary in size and color, some are plastic and others are made from die cast molds.

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Diecast Toy Jeeps

Diecast JeepThe term die cast refers to a process in which something is made by pouring liquid metal into a mold to produce a solid shape or form. The metal often used in this process (commonly known as white metal/pot metal) is a compound of Zinc and Aluminum, also known as zamak or mazak.

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